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If you are an employer, or someone in control of premises you have a duty to understand and manage legionella risks.

What is
Legionnaires' Disease?

Legionellosis is a collective term for diseases caused by legionella bacteria including the most serious Legionnaires’ disease, as well as the similar but less serious conditions of Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever. Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and everyone is susceptible to infection.

Are there Legionella risks in my workplace?

Any water system, with the right environmental conditions, could be a source for legionella bacteria growth. There is a reasonably foreseeable legionella risk if your water system:

  1. has a water temperature between 20–45 °C
  2. creates and/or spreads breathable droplets, eg aerosol created by a cooling tower, or water outlets
  3. stores and/or re-circulates water
  4. likely to contain a source of nutrients for the organism to grow, eg rust, sludge, scale, organic matter and biofilms

The most common sources of legionella are in man-made water systems including:

Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers
Hot & Cold Water Systems
Spa & Swimming Pools


We provide expert management and chemical analysis services and products for the following water treatment plant:

Cooling Towers

A cooling tower is a device that rejects waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a coolant stream, usually a water stream to a lower temperature.

Steam Boilers

A steam boiler system distributes heat via steam. The boiler furnace heats the water with a gas or oil burner, and the water is turned into steam.


Heating and cooling installation use water for the energy transfer because it’s the most cost effective medium and most readily available, stable resource.


Risk Assessments

-Identify & Assess Risk(s)
-Manage the Risk(s)
-Prevent & Control the Risk(s)
-Keep Records

Water Treatment
& Hygiene

-Cooling Water
-Boiler Water
-Domestic Water

Chemicals &
Laboratory Testing

-Cooling water treatments
-Boiler water treatments
-Closed-circuit treatments
-Full laboratory testing regimes

Remedial Works
& Engineering

-Clean & Disinfections
-Tank Relines
-TMV & RPZ Installs
-Mains Chlorination's

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We are a mixture of Scientists, Water Systems Engineers and Customer Service Advisors brought together with the single aim of providing unparalleled service at affordable prices!

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'I have the pleasure of working with Sci-Tech in my capacity of Site and Services Manager for a five acre site. The scope of work for the contract is for water treatment and on occasion arranging additional in-depth testing. It is the policy of this company to strive for the highest safety standards. Working safely requires a serious commitment by everyone within the organisation. The contracts team and support team provide an exceptional service and accommodative when dealing with unforeseen circumstances. I wholeheartedly recommend this business for your water treatment and measurement requirements'
Gail S. (site & Services Manager)


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A. 99% of customers voted 'Yes'
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