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Your L8 Complaince 

Sci-Cloud is an award winning web-based product designed to easily capture, store, and analyse results obtained from on-site compliance monitoring. 

Per User Saved
Working Hours Saved
Sheets of paper saved

The system incorporates apple and android technologies, and is always introducing new upgrades as the market develops and matures. Users agree that this system really is taking compliance monitoring to the next level. This potentially global system offers complete control over all aspects of compliance. Worldwide locations can be monitored and controlled, the possibilities are endless.

We are truly excited that what we are bringing site log books into a more controlled, manageable environment. Sci-Cloud is being used not only as a monitoring tool but as a full compliance system. Offering asset testing regimes for everything from water temperature records to emergency lighting testing.

  • Totally Paperless
  • Easy to Use
  • Accountability
  • Username & Password Protected
  • Works Offline
  • Automated Pass/Fail
  • Perfect for Multi-Sites
  • Auto-Schedule
  • Archive All Documents in One Place
  • Capture Photographic Evidence
  • Automated Retests
  • Map Site Layouts to Save Time
  • Save Time and Money
  • Save Site Contacts
  • GPS Enabled
  • Archive Historic Data