• Technical and non-technical course options
  • Statutory compliance attendee courses
  • Background to the disease and organisms
  • Legislation – Health and Safety
    Medical aspects and management of water programmes (need to know)
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Biofilms
  • Monitoring, management and maintenance of tanks and closed systems
  • Schematic planning and understanding where risks may exist and action to take
  • Swimming pool and spa water testing and control
  • Legionella awareness for leisure and healthcare site operators

Health and Safety, ACoP L8 and Legionella awareness training is offered by Sci-Tech through a range of fully accredited courses, C&G and Ofqual courses, seminars and practical-skills-based workshops.

These have been specifically developed to meet the needs of candidates at all levels of technical and non-technical experience – ‘Duty Holder’, ‘Responsible Person’, site managers, water cooling tower operators, operations staff, HSE and senior management.

There are also Legionella awareness and infection control courses for healthcare providers and a series of courses for leisure site operators and swimming pool and spa maintenance and duty holders.

Alternatively, we have a catalogue of over 200+ approved and accredited health and safety training courses via our Sci-School portal.

Mobile Friendly

Sci-School online training is fully mobile-compliant. This is particularly useful for learners who are ‘on the go’, or who work in environments where desktop computers are not available. All courses feature responsive design, so they can adapt to multiple device sizes, whether it’s desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. A recent forecast stated that around 80% of the world’s population, that’s over 6 billion people, are smartphone users. So it’s no surprise to discover that mobile phones are now widely used in training – a trend that is certain to grow significantly in the future. So, why are learners more motivated and engaged in mobile learning courses? Well, for a start, mobile learning eliminates the need for learning to happen at a particular time and place, or on a specific device. Mobile learning seamlessly integrates into peoples’ daily routines, making it easier for them to stay on track with the courses, resulting in increased course completion and knowledge retention. Learners can also use mobile courses to recall information while at work, so they can perform their job better. For example, when someone is about to perform a task, or check a piece of machinery, or give a product sales pitch, they can quickly check their mobile phone and run a short course to help them brush up on the key facts.

Unlimited Usage

This involves giving you unlimited use of our online training courses, based on you paying a monthly subscription. The amount you pay is determined by how many employees you want to include in the training programme (i.e. number of candidates). This functionality is ideal for larger organisations. As a client, it makes budgeting much easier and gives you peace of mind, knowing that all your training needs are covered with just one fixed monthly payment. If you would like a short demo of this functionality over the phone or would simply like to chat about how best to use unlimited usage subscriptions. Please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Bulk Credit

Bulk credit gives you the opportunity to predict how much training you will need and to make appropriate purchases, upfront. In return, we can reward you with lower prices and a more flexible solution giving you unlimited access to our full suite of courses while you are in credit. Customers don’t need to know what courses they need or when they will need them. As the credit is generic, it can be used against any course and what’s more, it never expires. This is a win-win situation. As the distributor, you can sell large amounts of credit, and your customer is guaranteed a competitive price for the courses.

LEGIONELLA CONTROL FOR 'the responsible person'




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Legionella for the Responsible Person

Classroom based course for up to 12 delegates
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Legionella bacteria have the potential to cause serious harm to people’s health if not carefully controlled. When Legionella can grow and are sprayed in water, they can cause the potentially fatal form of pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease.

As a result, all employers or those in charge of premises  with a man-made water system must take steps to ensure the system is well maintained and the potentially harmful bacteria controlled.

Legionella training is an essential and mandatory component of any Legionella control management programme. In this blog post, we explore the different types of Legionella training programmes, who they are suitable for and the benefits of training.

Completing this course:

Who is the course for?

This course is for staff involved in monitoring and managing hot and cold water systems to ensure the risk presented by Legionella bacteria is minimised. 

The course provides individuals with an overview of Legionella control in typical hot and cold water systems. It will benefit anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of how to apply relevant legislation, including ACOP L8, within their day to day duties.

Course Content

- Understanding the role of the Duty Holder and Responsible Person.

- Creating a suitable Management structure.

-Understanding the strategy for Managing & Controlling the risk.

- Overview of Case Studies.

- Understanding the role of the Enforcing Authorities.

the importance of training

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 Sect. 2.2(c) the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of his employees.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 Regulation 12(1) every employer who undertakes work which is likely to expose employees to hazardous substances shall provide suitable & sufficient information, instruction and training.

ACoP L8 The control of legionella bacteria in water systems, paragraph 43, Inadequate management, lack of training and poor communication have all been identified as contributory factors in outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. It is therefore important that those people involved in assessing risk and applying precautions are competent, trained and aware of their responsibilities.

ACoP L8 The control of legionella bacteria in water systems, paragraph 45, Those who are appointed to carry out the control measures and strategies should be suitably informed, instructed and trained and their suitability assessed. They should be properly trained to a standard which ensures that tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner.

ACoP L8 paragraph 78: All staff should be suitably trained, managed, supervised and given appropriate resources or support.

HSE Audit Checklist 1 question 13: Have you considered all other health & safety issues (eg COSHH assessments for handling of water treatment chemicals, working at height, working in confined spaces, electrical safety and ease of access to parts of the system)?

Someone with

  • the skills to complete the tasks safely
  • the knowledge to complete the tasks to the best of their abilities
  • the correct attitude to take on new skills
  • the right level of training
  • the relevant level of experience
  • an understanding of their limitations, so they know when to ask for assistance.

Suitably trained staff forms the basic requirement of many health & safety regulations, and is generally identified as the main failing in many accidents, following an investigation by the HSE.

The HSE have powers, under the HASAW Act, to impose Improvement or Prohibition orders, or pursue legal action through the courts.

Improvement Notice served by the HSE on the National Museum of Scotland, based on Chambers Street, and related to the training of staff, not the operation of the cooling towers. Samples taken from the towers returned negative results for legionella but were ordered to ensure that key staff are properly trained in the management of water systems.

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API: Use your own LMS

Our customers, especially large organisations, are often looking for increasingly seamless candidate journeys using a single Learning Management Systems (LMS). Some large organisations use their own LMS to manage all training. In response, we have built a bespoke ‘Application Programme Interface’, or ‘API’, that works in tandem with the customers LMS. It will allow these customers to continue using their own LMS, while accessing, purchasing and managing Sci-School training courses. With our API, you can manage all your classroom and online training, together with risk assessments, all in one place. Our system has been tested with other bespoke Learning Management Systems, together with a large number of the most popular ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Our API software allows for an easy install onto either distributors’ or customers’ LMS with minimal development – so you can offer a complete package using your own LMS. As your technical partner, Sci-Tech also offers additional technical and programming support in the set-up process, if you need it. Our API is the stepping stone that will allow even more online training to very large organisations while offering a solution that streamlines their existing systems.

The API Process

  1. Package the API: Our programmers package the API to make it specific to your LMS
  2. Implement the API: You are sent coding and simple instructions to implement the API
  3. Testing Phase – Testing is carried out to ensure a seamless learner journey
  4. On-going Support: We offer further support if additional programming is required